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Our expertise is that in order to successfully support a neurodivergent person you need two things; Safety and Competency.

Broadlands AFC are committed to address a major challenge in frontline football practice in that the actual implementation of knowledge from theory to daily practice is lacking in practical strategy within football.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Broadlands AFC are running the first evidence based football theory to practice programme, “Nothing About Us Without Us!’, designed and developed by the neurodivergent community.

How does the sensory environment impact on neurodivergent children, and what can we do about it? The eight senses and exploring the fascinating and illuminating sensory world through a neurodivergent lens is critical; and accepting that all individuals will have sensory profiles that differ from the Predominant Neurotype (often quite dramatically).

Without a good understanding of professional competence in neurodiversity, sensory profiles, interoception and subsequent adaptations to the environment and people in that environment, society is frequently acting unlawfully and letting the neurodivergent football community down – sometimes to devastating effect.

Broadlands AFC have teamed up with the neurodivergent community to develop and meet such a huge gap in society and have created a  ‘Nothing About Us Without Us!‘ programme.

The aim of the programme is to pilot and push the competence in football Wales wide and across all levels. Why? We don’t want to just focus on ‘standalone teams’, the football community in its totality and across Wales needs to be truly accessible.

No matter what team, no matter what environment, no matter who you are, where you are, a child should be able to join any football team of their choice. They have a choice, they have support, they have allies, they have options, as is their right.

Full details of the pilot programme coming soon… 


We are currently on the hunt for Senior players.

Join our new breed at Broadlands AFC in 2024/25…